Upcoming Lettering Seminar. Summer 2018.

In this 3 days intensive session you’ll design a piece of lettering from sketch to final color digital artwork. The attendants will drive the process of thinking, sketching, refining and digitising a lettering piece. You’ll walk away from this seminar with theoretical and practical tools for the continuation of your practice and an overview of the work of a letter designer, including a piece of work that you can use or include in your portfolio.

Registration starts on the 15th of January 2018 at 11:00 WET. Subscribe to my teaching newsletter to find out first when registration will be open. 




Online Classes

I’ve worked hard on setting up online courses to share my skills and reach students across the globe where I mostly find hard to go with my workshops. I’m specially happy about the fact that my classes are available in two languages, English and Spanish. The content includes a review on my working process and inspirations, sketching techniques and tips to draw lettering with vectors.

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Los secretos dorados del lettering.
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Private Workshops

My workshops are tailored for beginners as well as for those with previous experience who want to improve their techniques to draw letters. Established in 2010 in Berlin and periodically organized in and out of Germany, I have already welcomed over 300 attendants who want to learn more about typography.

They are ideal for beginners and for those with previous experience who want to improve their techniques to draw letters. You will walk away from this workshop with a sharper eye when working with typography and with practical tools to improve your own work.



Upcoming Workshop: 25th of March, 2017

In this is a hands-on intensive workshop you will drive the process of thinking, drawing and refining a custom lettering. In this one day  session you will be introduced to effective techniques to create a lettering from scratch.

The session will be held in english by berliner letterer Martina Flor in  Plantagenstrasse 31, 13347 Berlin. More info and registration >>

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Inhouse Workshops

Work in an agency or studio often happens in the digital ground. There’s not always time to experiment and try out new techniques to produce work. In my in-house workshops I work with design teams, experimenting with different writing tools and give them effective techniques to deal with letter shapes on their creative work. On the last years I’ve carried out several in-house workshops at agencies inside and outside Germany. These workshops are tailored to the group needs and their creative focus, and they are meant to expand their skill set.




Do you want to host a workshop in your city, university or agency? Drop me an e-mail and we’ll make it happen.