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Amazing Typo Berlin


We made it! And we presented our project at Typo Berlin 2013 – Touch. The on-stage Battle was a lot of fun, and thought is hard to say who was the winner for the audience, Giuseppe Salerno raised his trophy by getting a total of 3 out of 5 stars from our moderators: Yves Peters, Stephen Coles, Nina Stössinger, Andrea Frohloff and Jürgen Siebert. More pictures here

LvsC – 2nd Season


An exciting Lettering vs Calligraphy first season finished with the crowning of an exhibition at Mota Italic. We are working on a new and fantastic Lettering vs Calligraphy edition. Stay tuned!

LVSC Exhibition set up


She draws / he writes




A unique laboratory that combines both: lettering and calligraphy.

In a 2 days calendar, the participants will explore the two technical approaches as combinatory tools within the same design process.

The workshop consists in theoretical input combined with hands-on-work and critique rounds. It is ideal for art and design students and professionals who want to explore the possibilities of calligraphy in combination with drawing techniques and digital tools. In a few words, we will use writing and drawing for creating an unique typographic unit (or more). You will walk away from this workshop with a sharper eye when working with letters and with practical tools that will improve your own creative work.