My Book in English is Out!

Thrilled to announce the official release of my book “The Golden Secrets Of Lettering”. You can now find it in stores in the USA and you can order it online on Princeton Architectural Press website.


To celebrate it, I’ll be heading to New York next June to do a book presentation&signing and a workshop TDC New York. Join me on the 8th of June at 6.30 pm. I’ll be telling about the making of the book, it’s content and much more. Find more details about the presentation and workshop here. 

Ps: the “The Golden Secrets of Lettering” is the English version of my book “Lust auf Lettering” originally edited in Germany by Verlag Hermann Schmidt, a great partner for this venture. The book will be published in Spanish and French too. Stay tuned for future releases! #letteringbook #goldensecretsoflettering

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