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Fan & Friends Mail


Throughout the years, I’ve been receiving fan mail regularly. I’d like to give some of this love back, so I’ll be posting on the blog the fan mail that arrives at the studio or is handed in to me at conferences and book presentation. Please, include your favorite social media handle so we can tag you and link to your profile. Thanks again for sending this, is much appreciated!

These are the authors from left top, anticlockwise:
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What happened in 2017

In this post, I’m taking the chance look back and think about what happened this year at the studio: 2017 was truly exceptional.

I got to work with many great clients from around the globe. Here are some of my favorite projects:


Another personal favorite is this one for Mercedes Benz and the project I made for Adobe by the beginning of the year.

Check out all my recent projects in my portfolio.

My series of covers for James Ellroy Collection at Penguin Random House was awarded at Communication Arts Typography Competition 2018.



The studio moved to a bigger upgraded space. That was essential to realize projects and events that were in the waiting line. I finally hosted the first edition of the Summer Lettering Seminar, followed by an open studio, exhibiting a selection of the work I did in the last 5 years. I am enthusiastic about turning this into a tradition and look forward to welcoming many international designers in future editions!



During 2017, The Golden Secrets Of Lettering was published in four languages. It’ll exist in four more languages coming out next year.



I got to travel to many places to give talks and workshops: I organised the first teaching tour to South America and it was a crazy success; I had the honor to be this year’s keynote speaker at TypeCon Boston, the conference organised by The Society of Typographic Aficionados and visited Adobe MAX Conference in Las Vegas to give the talk that I wish someone had given to me when I started with lettering.

martina_flor_public speaking


As busy as it may seem, there was still time to work on personal projects. I am especially happy about the fact that the collections of products at keeps growing. This is a highlight from 2017: Twin pins.


Last but not least, I’m not alone in this. Many thanks to Marc Lozano, Concepción Bonnet and Josefina Anglada for contributing with your work to making this studio a great place to come in every day.

Big thanks to all clients and collaborators for contributing to this year’s experience. Cheers for a great 2017 and looking forward to all the new things in 2018.

Open Studio – July 2017


On Sunday, August 30th, I opened the doors of my studio for the first time. Old and new artwork were exhibited, including personal projects, commercial work, my book, and products. It was really interesting for me to put together a big part of my bulk of work throughout these years and to realize the progression of my art.

The doors were opened for two hours and I dedicated 35 minutes to make an introduction to what was exhibited. I started by presenting Lettering vs Calligraphy, the project that I consider helped kicking off my career as a lettering artist, mainly because of all the practice it involved and the self-confidence that I gained with it.

This was followed by another of my self-initiated projects, Letter Collections, a series of 100 hand lettered postcards that I sent to friends, strangers, and people I admired. Launched later in my career, this project contributed to inject new work in my portfolio and expand the client work that I was creating.

I also shared insights on my process by explaining all the steps, from the first thumbnail sketches, the refinement of the hand sketch, the digitisation and the final steps of adding color and texture. This is the work process that I use for my commercial work as well as for my teaching, which is nowadays a big part of my work.

I dedicated some minutes to explain my experience at teaching, from the anecdote of the first workshop I taught for free to teaching internationally and setting up my own online courses. I commented about my book “The Golden Secrets of Lettering” and showed the initial inspiration for it: a sketch book with my notes during my studies in type design in The Hague.

I usually say that lettering is about story telling with letters and it’s about communicating an idea, creating an atmosphere and speaking to an audience. To exemplify this I showed book covers I created in the last years and explained how one image can help communicate the overall idea of the atmosphere of a book. Similarly, magazine covers are a window to the main topic of an issue. By showing the design of a magazine header for ‘Der Spiegel’ magazine, I exemplified the custom nature of lettering and it influences a layout.

My promotional material was also exhibited and I explained the purpose behind each one of them and the ultimate goal: making a small piece of work that you can take home.

Lastly and following the topic of creating things for people to keep, I spoke about my products, focusing on the collection of brooches, a 3D dimension for my designs. I gave insights on the difference between creating 2D artwork and taking it to something with volume.

The exhibition was set up mostly by my team; Josefina and Marc. These experience showed me how much more can be achieved if you team up with the right people.

Thank you to all that came and chatted with me. And to those that couldn’t make it –there will be a next time


South American Speaking & Teaching Tour

170801SouthAmericanTour-MartinaFlorI’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be visiting South America this August to talk and teach lettering workshops in several cities. I’ll be bringing books and products form my shop with me, too!. The workshops are booked out but you can join me at the talks. Here’s a list of workshops and talks per city:

Sao Paulo

10th, 11th and 12th of August, Workshops at Pintar organised by Gui Menga | SOLD OUT

12th of August, Talk at IED – Istituto Europeo di Design | SIGN UP


Buenos Aires

4th, 5th and 7th of August, Workshops at Espacio Virgen | SOLD OUT

9th of August, Talk at Creative Mornings BA | SIGN UP

17th of August, Talk at FADU | SIGN UP



15th of August, Workshop at CCE, organised by Mirá mamá blog | SOLD OUT

15th Of August, Talk at CCE | SIGN UP


Thanks to Gui Menga, Esteban Ibarra and Caro Curbelo for making the organisation so smooth!


Book presentation and workshop at TDC, New York!

As I started as a lettering artist I always pictured myself traveling and teaching here and there. I started my workshops in lettering design in Berlin with the vision of making them internationally, to be able to reach as many different audiences as I could. I traveled with my workshops to a lot of places: Switzerland, Spain, U.K., Argentina, Arab Emirates, Peru, Turkey and more. These workshops grew and they turned into a book.

This June I had the pleasure to travel to New York to present the book at The Type Directors Club and teach a workshop there. I couldn’t imagine a better place to do that! One more proof that the bigger your dreams, the greater the accomplishments.

Thanks to everyone who came to my presentation and book signing, and to those that signed up for my workshop and did great work.


Alphabet series of Art Prints at Sergeant Paper

I’m excited to announce my collaboration with Sergeant Paper. The concept store in Paris will be selling a limited edition of my artwork online and at their store in 38 rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris. The limited series of prints are created from a decorative alphabet, where letters could stand alone but also combined to form words and phrases.

Check out the full alphabet here.


My Book in English is Out!

Thrilled to announce the official release of my book “The Golden Secrets Of Lettering”. You can now find it in stores in the USA and you can order it online on Princeton Architectural Press website.


To celebrate it, I’ll be heading to New York next June to do a book presentation&signing and a workshop TDC New York. Join me on the 8th of June at 6.30 pm. I’ll be telling about the making of the book, it’s content and much more. Find more details about the presentation and workshop here. 

Ps: the “The Golden Secrets of Lettering” is the English version of my book “Lust auf Lettering” originally edited in Germany by Verlag Hermann Schmidt, a great partner for this venture. The book will be published in Spanish and French too. Stay tuned for future releases! #letteringbook #goldensecretsoflettering

Article on 99U


Sean Blanda interviewed me for 99u Magazine and we spoke about the lettering boom, social media, freelancing, success and life. Read it here.


My lettering work


I believe I’m one of these people with big career turn and moving to Berlin has a lot to do with that. I started to work exclusively as a letter designer more or less at the same time that I moved to the city. Working as a graphic designer and being an art director for 7 years I had of course been doing typography related stuff before. Still, it wasn’t until I moved here that I decided to stop doing any other graphic design work and pursued making a living exclusively from my lettering work.

My first step towards it was to clean up my website of all the things that I had done but I didn’t want to do anymore. My second step was to print new business cards. This was my way to say to the world that I was a letterer.

businesscards-martinaflorMy first business cards as a letter designer


Berlin is one of the cities with more type designers per square kilometre in the world. Berlin breaths typography: there’s monthly meetings (called Typostammtisch) where the typographic community comes together to discuss typography related topics, there’s a few conferences with a focus on the mater and there’s a vibrant community of designers working in the field. You can even find a  museum of Letters (Buchstabenmuseum) that rescues abandoned vernacular signs from the streets from all around Germany.


Vernacular signs are all over the place in Berlin

Traditionally Germany has a focus on formal typography. Topics as readability, legibility and clarity are essential. And these are all things that my work doesn’t necessarily pursue. My work is colourful and expressive, at times is even not readable. It’s about conveying an idea and telling a story. For this I use letter shapes that combined with color and texture create a new visual text.

I was truly hesitant whether this typographic community would accept my approach to letter design. Topping all my expectations, this community welcomed my work and ultimately triggered it. Throughout these years living and working in Berlin my work became more colourful, expressful and playful than i’s ever been.


When started working commercialy with lettering I quickly realised that I had to improve my workflow. On the first place, to be able to manage multiple projects at the same time. On the second place, to cope with tight deadlines of agencies and publishing houses. My work process is moulded through that and has become more effective with the time.

Throughout this years I have parallel run a few side projects. The biggest one that I started was Lettering vs Calligraphy, where together with calligrapher Giuseppe Salerno we organised an online battle that got a lot of attention from the audience and the media. That was one of the most exciting times of my life. Also, the way this project improved my work showed me for the first time the impact that this sort of endeavours may have in your bulk of work and the sort of commissions you get.


The variety of letters we created together with Giuseppe Salerno.

Some years after that I started Letter Collections where I was designing and sending postcards to friends, colleagues and complete strangers. As a result, I created a collection of 100 postcards where I experimented with several lettering styles that informed my work immensely

Side projects, commercial work and my teaching has been my main occupations during this years. Thanks to the growing attention towards my work, I have been regularly invited to speak at conferences.


Speaking about my work and teaching has been one of the most nurturing things I have done so far in my career. It pushed me to organise my ideas, to question my methods and to identify what is important and what is not.

I have the luck to travel often to speak at design and type conferences, and it amazes me every time the fact that I share the stage with people I have admired since I was a young design student. Speaking about my work is just something I love to do and allows me to keep in mind the few things that are essential.

thegoldensecretsoflettering-slideThe title and the slides of my presentations about my experience at teaching lettering where made my hand. 

TypeCon 2014 was the conference where for the first time I presented a talk exclusively focused on my teaching. I gave a similar talk at AtypI 2014. Breaking down my teaching method into a few clear simple steps that would fit in a 20 minutes presentation made me realise that I had an own personal method, that it was also didactic and certainly effective to achieve personal results. These talks, called after my online clases The Golden Secrets of Lettering first planted the idea of making a book about it in my head. And so I did.



In my next post I’ll be speaking about my the book Lust auf Lettering and its content. Click here to read it. 

My new Skillshare Class

I’m really excited to release my new online class ‘The Golden Secrets of Lettering’ on Skillshare.  It’s rewarding to be able to share my skills and reach students across the globe where I mostly find hard to go with my workshops.

The concept of this class is based on my Letter Collections  project where I design and send postcards around the globe and will share my making of process with you. Together, we will go through the assignment of creating a piece of lettering for the perfect postcard: from concept, to sketch to digitisation, including tips to add texture and color to your final work.


In this class we will start by training our ‘typographic eye’ by looking at examples of typographic pieces that surround us. I’ll show you some theoretical principles to understand the structure of letter shapes and I’ll share with you the technique I use to sketch and achieve more extreme, personal and interesting results.


This class is suitable for beginners as well as for those with previous experience who want to go a step forward into the art of lettering and expand their set of creative skills. You’ll walk away from this class with a sharper eye when working with typography and essential and practical tools to draw lettering and to guide your own improvement afterwards. After this class, you will see typography in a completely different way.

Watch the trailer and enroll in the class here.


This makes my online classes available in two languages: English (at Skillshare) and Spanish (at What’s next? A class in german language perhaps?

Talk at Selected D Conference


I’m travelling to Bilbao to give a Talk at Selected D Conference. I’ll speak about drawing letterforms and the importance of sketching on design processes.

Future lettering Workshop in Berlin


I’m giving a workshop in Lettering techniques at MAKE – Skilled Hands, a new place for Berlin based workshops and events. You can already save a spot.

Official Good Type Diplomas


I have brand new official diplomas for my Good Type Workshops. I used my Supernova and a new typeface I’m about to release.

Lettering Workshop in Berlin


In this is a hands-on intensive workshop you will drive the process of thinking, drawing and refining a custom lettering. In this one day  session you will be introduced to effective techniques to create a lettering from scratch.

It is ideal for beginners and for those with previous experience who want to improve their techniques to draw type. You will walk away from this workshop with a sharper eye when working with letters and with practical tools that will improve your own creative work.

The workshop will be documented at Good Type site and participants will get an official diploma.The session will be held by Martina Flor, a Designer and Letterer based in Berlin on the 5th of October  2013 from 12.30 to 19 hs. (with a coffee break in between) at Betahaus Berlin. Limited to the first 12 applicants.

What you need to bring: your favourite mechanical pencil. All the materials will be provided.

Location: Betahaus Berlin – Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20, 10969 Berlin.

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Cities battle Series at


We just launched a series of battles between cities at

Happy New year!


The greetings card we made together with Giuseppe Salerno for our project Happy new year for everyone!

3 for 13 postcards give away!


I am giving away 20 signed and stamped 3for13 postcards tomorrow December 7th.Pay attention to my twitter @martinaflor or my Facebook. I will give an e-mail address and all you will have to do is sending me your name and address by e-mail.

Mañana 7 de Diciembre voy a regalar 20 tarjetas 3 for 13 selladas. Está atento a mi twitter @martinaflor or my Facebook. Voy a postear una dirección de e-mail. Todo lo que tenés que hacer es enviarme tu nombre y dirección por correo electrónico.


Lettering vs calligraphy article at Font Feed


An extensive article about the project written by Yves Peters for Font Feed. Read it here.

My stamp


For marking my products and other goods I designed and ordered a new stamp. Made at Stempel Meister Berlin.

The release video of my new book

Thank to all those who took part. Read more about the video here and about the book here.

Showcase in ‘Hand to type’

Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 10.02.24 AM

This is a very nice book about Scripts, Hand-Lettering and Calligraphy, edited by Jan Middendorp and published by Die Gestalten Verlag.

NEW! Bella Tote bags


A series of silk printed products using one of the lettering of the Lettering Series for Girls. Check them in my shop.

Kurzprojekt at Fachbereich Design Dessau

I was an invited lecturer at HS Anhalt. I conducted a Short Project in Type DEsign, where the students learned type design basics and the process of making a font. The results of the project are documented in this blog where the resulting fonts are available for free download under the open font license.

Monsters character design

This is one of the most fun commissions I ever had. I did the character design of 20 monsters that have exchangeable features. Go monsters! app was developed by Digital Social Club, you can find it the App Store.

Digital drawing of ‘Ich bin die Schönste’ Lettering

See the final result here.

New lettering series for GIRLS

Soon available for purchase in this website.

Letters by Martina Flor – New tumblr

In this new blog I’ll be posting work in progress exclusively with type and lettering, sketches and finished work. Check it out here.


New home for my editorial project

My editorial project has a new web site, where you can find some of the stories and other related projects made in collaboration with other artists, plus an online shop to but prints and posters. Check it out here.

Workshop and lecture in FADU – Buenos Aires

Thanks to Silvia Gonzalez’s class for inviting me. Was great to be back in the house. Check their site. 

Good Type Buenos Aires

I conducted a 3 days workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Calligrapher Yani Arabena helped me to do the work critics at the end.

Human powered writing in the snow

My greetings for the New Year! Read in full about the performance-project here.

Workshop in logo design at HS Anhalt

I conducted a workshop in logo design for a project in the bachelor program of HS Anhalt.

Good Type Barcelona

I conducted a workshop in Lettering Design, organised together with the Graphic Design Association of Catalunya.

Showcase in Gestalten

My work is included in Latino Gráfico, a book about Visual Culture in Latin America
Edited by TwoPoints and published by Die Gestalten

Type Berlin Review in 90+10 Mag

I wrote a review about Typo Berlín 2011 for 90+10 Mag. Read the article here (only in spanish).

101 Casi historias Presentation Movie

Read more about the project here.

101 Casi historias BOOK

This is the first volume of my series of books. Published by Ed. del Nuevo Extremo in Latinamerica and Spain. Find more information about it here.

Party sketches

I like to do videos and I did one for my classes in lettering design. It show the drawing technique I use for creating a lettering.

Good Type Workshop – Lettering in Dessau

I conducted a workshop in Lettering in Dessau, with the support of VOR/ORT Gallery. Read about it here (only in german).

New business cards

Type & Media Graduation

Baked in The Hague in Shangai World Exhibition

Baked in The Hague Movie traveled to Shangai World Exhibition within Typecal The Hague, an initiative of the dutch design studio Trapped in Suburbia. Read the article by Karin Langeveld here.

Baked in The Hague

Soundtrack and cooking advice: Richard Maarsen
Idea, editing and baking: Martina Flor

Workshop with Ken Barber

Ken Barber made a workshop on lettering at KABK.

Brushpen workshop with Luca Barcelona

Trapped in Suburbia organised this amazing workshop in The Hague with italian calligrapher Luca Barcelona.

DPI Mag Feminine

I was showcased in this edition of taiwanese magazine DPI, under the moto “Feminine Style”.

El círculo de la suerte

Here’s Andreas Ferrari’s new book. We worked together to define the scenes to illustrate and the personality of each character. Published by Ed. Alfaguara in Latin America.

Exhibition at MFK Gallery in Berlin

The MFK Gallery invited me to take part of their exhibition, gathering artist of various disciplines. The theme was Christmas and I illustrated this piece: CHRISTMAS FIREWORKS.