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Article on 99U


Sean Blanda interviewed me for 99u Magazine and we spoke about the lettering boom, social media, freelancing, success and life. Read it here.


Letters in Wonderhand


I’ve made an extensive article about the making off ‘Wonderhand’ and it’s now online on I love Typography.

“Although I’m always dealing with letters in my work, embarking on a type design project is rather the exception. My main occupation, ‘Lettering’, varies from commission to commission and projects tend to last for short periods of time with widely different outcomes. Type projects normally extend for a longer period of time and, from my perspective, are very enjoyable until the moment I get into the rough path of type production: months spent looking at boxes of black letter shapes, dealing with letter spacing and kerning pairs. It demands considerable motivation that, in my case, only arises from the personal belief that I have a very good idea.”. Read more here.

Featured at #dni25


So excited to be featured among this selection of 25 leading Argentinian designers at #dni25 by @DGLucasLopez

Article in Foro Alfa

Foro Alfa is an exchange platform for designer in Spanish speaking countries. I published my article “Where is the inspiration?”, you can read it here in english and here in spanish.